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Dutch Chocolate Cake

bild-1Friday was midsummer and my task was to bring the dessert!
I made my mothers Dutch chocolate cake (not going to claim it to be her original recipe, however I do not know where the original recipe does come from).

200g dark chocolate
200g butter or margarine
3 eggs
2 1/2 dl sugar
3 dl flour

Chocolate glaze Ingredients:
25g butter or margarine1 dl heavy cream
150g dark chocolate

Turn oven to 175 degrees Celsius
Melt the chocolate and the butter on the stove, using low heat
Mix sugar and egg, when fluffy, add the flour to the mixture
Add the chocolate/butter mixture, and mix to a smooth batter
Pour mixture in a greased baking dish with a detachable edge
Bake for about 30 minutes

Make sure the cake is NOT completely baked through, it should be slightly “raw”. That is what will give that rich moist chocolate taste/flavor and appearance. Let stand and cool down before taking of the detachable edge of the baking dish.

Chocolate glaze:– Heat/Melt the chocolate, cream and butter on the stove
– Stir to a smooth batter
– Let cool to room temperature before glazing the cake (but not cold)
– Make sure the cake is completely cooled down before adding the glaze


Mint and Lime Snaps

Midsummer is tomorrow! A day that will be full of games, food, drink and laughs. As tradition holds snaps is a given, and this year Anders and I are making our own!

After a lot of debating we settled on making a Mint and Lime combination, partly because we had both lime and mint at home, and after the decision was made, we did find a recipe to base our snaps on.

1/2 liter vodka
1 cup of mint leafs
(i recommend cutting them in half to really get the flavor out)
peel of 2 lime
1,5 teaspoon sugar

Week 1
Mix mint leafs and vodka and let stand for the week

Week 2
Add the lime peel and the sugar
Mix well

Serving day
Filter out the leafs and the lime peel
Serve and sing a snaps song! SKÅL!

original recipe

My birthday is a month away today 🙂 I made a collage of my current wish list (it does change frequently/constantly/minute by minute). Nevertheless, it is fun to think of that special day, as a member of a large family I happen to love birthdays, wish lists, baking, anticipation, excitement, singing, cake and all that comes with it.

wish list1. I want a pug. It would be wonderful to have a dog. I do know it would be a lot of work, and very expensive (which is why I know I will not be getting one).

2. Tory Burch flats, been dreaming about them since I moved back to Sweden. They cost much more here than they did in NY.

3. I am in desperate need of a new wallet, and why not wish for a pretty Michael Kors one?

4. Svenskt tenn, Swedish design company who happens to have many extremely pretty things, among them this lovely tray, that I actually wish for as a table coaster

5. Since I have decided that this summer be all about reading, on my list are the complete works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

6. And as I was strolling the city yesterday I stumbled across this gorgeous red skirt at H&M, which I of course cannot find online anywhere. However, this image was pretty enough to make the collage 🙂

And to finish of my collage I added an image of the traditional Swedish princess cake. Made from colored marzipan, butter cream, whipped cream and sponged cake (don’t have to mention the fact that I actually cannot eat the marzipan because marzipan is made from almonds)

Chocolate cake with lime

Tomorrow evening Anders mother is joining us for dinner, and she wanted me to make a chocolate cake for dessert 🙂 So of course I made a delicious chocolate cake with lime for us to feast on tomorrow.

Chocolate cake


Cake: 1 dl* flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 0,5 dl cocoa, 3 eggs, 1 dl sugar,

250 g quark, peel of a lime or orange

(*10 dl in a liter, and regarding the quark, in Sweden we have something called Kesella which is used when baking, some countries use quark, you may also try with cottage cheese, mascarpone, philadelphia or something similar, “quark” on the other hand has a consistency closer to sour cream)


100 g of 70% dark chocolate – Melted



1. Mix flour, cocoa and baking powder together

2. Mix eggs, and sugar with a mixer

3. Carefully pour the flour mixture into the egg mixture, also add the quark

4. This is the time to add the orange or lime peel if desired

5. Glaze: Melt the chocolate in the microwave or over the stove in a “water bath”, decorate the cake with candied peel or nuts of your choice

6. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius, and bake cake for 30 minutes

7. Make sure cake is completely cool before adding the glaze!

I cannot wait until I get to try the cake tomorrow!

Original recipe from

Lace flower necklace

Lately I have been obsessed with the DIY (do it yourself) things. I have been looking at different necklaces and found I had most or similar items needed to create the “Anthropologie lace flower necklace“.

You need:

Lace, beads, glue gun (or just glue), a chain/bead necklace/ ribbon, felt, and scissors

necklaceMy finished product.

This is the tutorial, image and link I followed to create my own necklace!


This is an easy project to engage yourself in during a rainy day, and is a great gift!


Celebrating Summer

After the exam on Monday, we (myself, my best friend Hanna, and later on joined by out bfs) went to Story. A Hotel bar, which has the New York vibe to it. The bartenders are really good at mixing drinks, whoever, we decided to stick with wine 🙂

bild 1bild 2

After a few glasses of wine and wonderful conversations, we all had dinner at Vapiano, and still I was in bed before midnight!


Summer is finally here :)

I have finally finished my exam, and my summer can officially start. I am embarking on a journey of blogging, starting this summer. Which I am filling with sewing, music, baking, cooking, pick-nicks, reading, and relating it all back here. For a long time I searched for “my theme” for my blog. I wanted something different, not just “today’s outfit”, or inspiration images of crazy expensive things, or just recipes or sewing. I want to give a combination of it all. I will give you me in other words. I am going to try to stay as honest as I can to that promise from here on. Summer

Princess Wedding

A gorgeous day spent inside watching the Princess wedding, while studying. 

Dress designed by Valentino, a guest list of 500 (church / 300 (reception), cortege around Stockholm, and boat ride to the reception at Drottningholm Palace, the childhood home of Princess Madeleine. Image

Wall Fixture and Fixture

Our latest project has been to create a wall fixture and free standing fixture.

We have been working on the project for quite some time, so I wanted to show my before and after. This, in order to show what you can do with scale and size. I started by creating a fixture that was really flat, the second one I added a figure which as meant to show the size with. 

P.O.P display

Point of Purchase

We created display case of perfumes.

* Window display

* Inspiration board

* P.O.P display

My group worked great together. We all did our part, emailing pictures and putting it all together. With joint effort we all decided on the Victor&Rolf perfume “Flowerbomb”. All bottles were cut out of foamcore with printed images ontop. We created boxed of cardstock and pink paper, there were made to look like the original boxes that the perfume is sold in. We did have one original bottle as Brianne (member of group) had a bottle. We had first made a display centering the cutouts in the pop box and surrounding it with the boxes.

After some regrouping, we desided to revise the original POP display. Using lines and creating an A-symetrical display. Using lines as a way to create movement in our display.




Last image shows all of our displays together, the Windowdisplay in the back, the P.O.P display and the inspiration board (created in Photoshop).